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Active Shooter Threat Concept for Fire & EMS

Active Shooter Threat Concept for Fire & EMS

For years Fire and EMS have always responded to emergencies with the goal of helping people.  When we responded to Police-involved scenes, fire and EMS we would stand by and wait for the “All Clear” or the “Scene is Safe”.  Unfortunately these tactics can no longer be the standard.

In recent years the increase in Active Shooter/Threat Situations has caused us to broaden our response plans.

This presentation will give students a glimpse of Active Shooter/Threat Incidents and discuss the roles of Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS during these incidents.

We will discuss the following topics.

  • Definition and Characteristics of an Active Shooter/Threat Active Shooter vs Hostage Barricade
  • Common Terminology Review of Active Shooter/Threat incidents and what we have learned
  • Operations in the Hot, Warm and Cold Zones
  • Role of the “Rescue Task Force”
  • Equipment carried
  • Training requirements
  • Casualty Collection Points
  • Local Initiatives employing Rescue Task Force
  • And more.

Our Goal: This presentation will open the eyes of first responders to the ever evolving Active Shooter/Threat that is in our everyday lives.

This is a classroom lecture.  Duration is 2 – 2.5 hours

To schedule this class at your facility or at our training center in Neptune City, please email us at Training@AllHandsFire.com



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