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How to use the Petzl GriGri

All Hands Fire Equipment is an authorized Petzl dealer, and also an authorized trainer for some Petzl products such as the Petzl EXO and EXO-AP.

Training at height can be dangerous and all students should be properly belayed.

One device that is commonly used to belay students is the Petzl GRIGRI.

This device is an assisted braking belay device, not an “auto-locking device.” The rope can slide through the device until the internal cam is forced to rotate. By holding the brake side of the rope, you initiate the rotation of the cam that assists in stopping the rope.

If the cam is blocked or held down, it will not provide the assisted braking action on the rope. This is why it is essential to avoid holding the GRIGRI with your whole hand and to not keep your thumb constantly on the cam.

Watch this video to learn the correct way to belay with the GRIGRI.


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