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All Hands Fire Trains Workers at Tito’s Vodka

All Hands Fire Trains Workers at Tito’s Vodka

In September of 2019, All Hands Fire instructors were at the Tito’s Vodka plant in Austin, Texas delivering a two day Rope Rescue training class.

A team of 15 students participated in this training program.

Day 1 starting with an introductory classroom session lecture, covering a wide variety of material on rope and rescue operations.  As the day progressed, the program moved to hands-on skill stations that included the use of various rope hardware and equipment.

On Day 2, students moved to more advanced skills.  These skills included setting up rope systems, lowering a rescuer on rope, hauling using mechanical advantages and rescue pick-off maneuvers.

During the two training session, students had the opportunity to use a variety of equipment that was provided by All Hands Fire Equipment.  The product manufacturers represented at this training class included

All Hands Fire offers a variety of training classes for private industry.  Versions of this class has also been delivered to the Stage Hands Local 1 at theaters in New York City.

For information on this and other training programs, please contact [email protected]  




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