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Advanced SCBA Training

Advanced SCBA Training

Every year far too many firefighters die in the line of duty.  Asphyxiation (running out of air) is a leading cause of LODD on the fireground. The unfortunate part of this statistic is that the cause is PREVENTABLE.  In many of these cases, the firefighter died by simply running out of air prior to exiting the IDLH environment.

The “Advanced SCBA” program, also known as “Rules Of Air Management” (or R.O.A.M.) was established based on the premise that “Air Equals Time”.  The amount of time a firefighter can remain in the IDLH environment depends on how much air is in the SCBA and how quickly the firefighter uses it.  The time in the IDLH must account for the time it takes to get to the task location, the task itself and the time it takes to exit the structure.

This program will review and discuss NFPA 1404 Standard for Fire Service Respiratory Protection Training, which mandates that firefighter’s exit the IDLH prior to their low-air alarm activating.  The students will also participate in several hands-on exercises, which will demonstrate their situational awareness and ability to be disciplined enough to know when to exit the IDLH.

Class outline:

  • Classroom session that includes Statistics, Incident Case Studies, Review of NFPA 1404, Introduction of the C.A.R.A. acronym, Best Practices for maintaining Situational Awareness, recommendations for department implementation
  • SCBA Familiarization Drills
  • Air Conservation Procedures
  • Air Consumption Drills
  • Navigating Entanglements, Collapses, Through Walls, and more
  • Mayday Calls
  • Out of Air Procedures
  • Point of no return drill
  • Firefighter Survival Challenge Course

For more information, pricing or tom schedule, please contact Training@AllHandsFire.com


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