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Drill Night or Half Day Program07162013 Wichita 303

This training program is offered in both classroom and hands-on training.
Instruction covers the essentials for a new user, which includes:
> Proper sizing and fitting of the harness
> Functions of the harness
> Operational uses of the harness
> Care and maintenance of the harness
> Manufacturer recommendations of the harness

Students will learn to use their harness in various situations and for
various tasks, such as:
> Firefighter rescues including drags, carries, and up and down stairs
> Self rescue, including firefighter escape / bailout
> Lifting and lowering
> Securing one’s self
> and more

Advanced Training (Full Day) Program

This class includes the content of the Basic Class, but also includes
advanced tactical uses, operations and scenarios utilizing your
Class 2 Harness.


Who can train my fire department in the use and operation of the Gemtor harness?
All Hands Fire Equipment has a staff of “qualified” trainers who offer a comprehensive and dynamic training class on the Gemtor Class II Rescue Harness. Our class has been developed based on:

1.  Our relationship with Gemtor, Inc. as a top national dealer for 12+ years.
2.  Program development by instructors with many years of experience in harnesses proper use and operation.
3.  Our program references recommendations and protocols in place by the FDNY, who has been using the Gemtor Harness since the early 1980’s.
4.  Gemtor, Inc. reviews, provides input and recommendations for the program that we present.

Regarding “Train-the-Trainer”, there is no sanctioned “Train-the-Trainer” class or program available.  

To verify any of the information listed, please contact Gemtor, Inc. at (800) 405-9048



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