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Electrical Safety For Firefighters & First Responders

Electrical Safety for Firefighters & First Responders

This program will introduce the student to the basics of electricity (Voltage, Current, Resistance,
Generation, Transmission, & Distribution), and heighten their awareness of potential electrical hazards commonly encountered on emergency scenes.

It will Illustrate injuries and symptoms caused by inadvertent contact with “LIVE” electrical circuits and present content that will assist the student in identifying and being able to avoid potential electrical hazards.

The program will review utility conductor configurations on poles and teach the student to be able to identify the downed wire by its position on the pole, and then be able to accurately report the correct wire and pole designation to the proper utility.  It will also cover safe positioning of the apparatus at the scene.

Additional content that the class covers includes:

Common electrical terms (Voltage, Current & Resistance); Electrical installations; typical electric system; typical residential system; faulty electrical equipment; arcing; overheating; effects of electricity on the body; shock severity factors; shock victim assessment; average body tolerance; coping with electrical injuries; PPE and likely electrical hazards; 8 types of wires/cables; and more.

Class is a 3 hour classroom session


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