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Firefighter Survival Training

Firefighter Survival Training

The Firefighter Survival program introduces students to a variety of skills and techniques for survival and self-rescue.

On the fireground, disastrous events can and will occur in a split second.  A firefighter can become lost, trapped, disoriented or in distress.  The focus of this program is to provide firefighters with essential tools, techniques and a mindset to survive.

Our Firefighter Survival course includes an interactive classroom session, hands-on skill stations and aggressive practical scenarios. Skills include Situational Awareness, Wall Breaching, Navigating Entanglements, Vent-Enter-Search upper floors, Rapid Bailout Techniques, Review of Maydays, SCBA displacement, entrapment and more.

Also including with this program is the Air Consumption Drill, in compliance with NFPA 1404 Standard for Fire Service Respiratory Protection Training, where we will test each students air consumption rates and provide them with these important results.

Skills will be aggressive and require students to be physically and mentally fit and prepared.

This an excellent class for all firefighters.

This program is 20-hours in length.

This program can be presented at the All Hands Fire Training Center, or a local delivery provided that the site have a classroom and training grounds adequate for program requirements (contact AHF for details).

For pricing or to schedule, please email [email protected]




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