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All Hands Fire offers several options on the topic of Truck Company Operations training.  Customers can choose a specific training program (listed below), or choose from specific skills and functions.

Truck Company Operations skills can be delivered as individual skills on a drill night, or multiple skills on full day sessions.

Some skills that are offered include (but are not limited to):

  • Search and Rescue
  • Roof Operations / Ventilation / Saws
  • Ground Ladders
  • Conventional Forcible Entry
  • Rope Assisted Searches
  • Specific Truck Company skills – Outside Vent position (OV), Riding Assignments, Salvage and Overhaul, Synchronized Fire Operations, and more


Truck Company Operations programs that are available include:

  • Truck Company Operations
  • Setting Up For Success, Truck Company Placement
  • Ladder Truck Operations

These programs offer a wide range of truck company skills, including firefighter assignments and responsibilities as well as the specific operations, placement and maneuvering of a ladder truck, hydraulics and related controls. 

Truck Company Operations:  This program covers the many duties of a truck company. The class begins with a classroom session that covers the tasks that must be conducted in order to be an effective truck company, the riding assignments and how they can work for your department and also covered is apparatus positioning and apparatus operations at a fire scene.  The bulk of the program focuses on truck company skills and hands-on stations.  Topics covered include forcible entry, ventilation, ground ladders, search and rescue, rope assisted searches, “Vent-Enter-Search”, and other related skills.  This program can be broken down into numerous individual classes or conducted over 2 to 4 full days, we make the program fit your needs and schedule.

Setting Up For Success, Truck Company Placement:  This program is delivered by two seasoned FDNY fire officers.  This program presents students with tips to maximizing the capabilities of the rig with good size up, proper placement and effective maneuverability. This class is a classroom session, but can be extended to a full day that will incorporate hands-on – visiting sites and operating the rig.

Ladder Company Operations:  This program focuses specifically on operating and maneuvering the hydraulic ladder of a ladder truck apparatus.  Students will review their specific apparatus controls and operations, with focus on improving an operators ability to access a site and place a ladder.  Students will then be presented with a variety of challenge in which they must operate and place the ladder.

All Hands Fire also offers customized programs to meet the needs of a fire department.

To schedule this program, please contact Training@AllHandsFire.com

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