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All Hands Fire Training offers a program for Rope Assisted Searches.  This class will educate students on the proper use, deployment and techniques for the use of rope search systems in large area searchs.

The class covers the following topics:

Choosing the right system for your department:

  • Choosing between 100-ft, 200-ft or larger and what works best for you?
  • Choosing “Markers” (knots and rings) versus Straight Rope?
  • Choosing Tag Lines – Retractable 20-ft tag lines versus rope or webbing bags?

Deployment of the Search Rope and Search Techniques:

  • The search team and their equipment
  • Goals and objectives of a rope assisted search
  • Understanding line management and discipline
  • Identifying the various methods of “accountability” during rope assisted searches
  • Substantial anchor points
  • Identifying and managing distance (depth) traveled into building
  • Door / Access control
  • Effective search of large areas
  • Search / Maneuvers around objects
  • Redirection
  • Identifying hazards and risks
  • Locating victim / Victim Removals
  • Rapid egress using search rope systems


This class focuses on the use and operation of the RIT Rescue Systems Group Search Kit, but also applies to other search rope systems.

Students will attended a brief classroom lecture, and then progresses into hands-on training.

For additional details or to schedule a class, please contact Training@AllHandsFire.com


All Hands Fire is an authorized dealer for these Search Systems:

  • RIT Safety Systems, which includes the Chicago Group Search Kit
  • Sterling Rope Inc. Search Kits
  • Gemtor Inc. Search System


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