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All Hands Fire offers two levels of Rope Training.  The first is “basic Ropes and Knots” and the second is “Basic Rope Operations”.  These programs progress through a wide variety of rope principles and practices.  They provide students with a great deal of hands-on exposure and team building.


Basic Ropes & Knots

Students are introduced to a variety of basic rope uses and information, as well as a review of basic knots.  Each students is provided with rope (included).  This program is 3-4 hours.


Rope Rescue Training 

Rope Rescue Operations and Technician training follows NFPA 1006 Standards for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications, Chapter 5 – Rope Rescue.



Customized Classes

Rope training programs can be customized to focus on specific skills, products and needs.


For information on classes offered, please

email us at Training@AllHandsFire.com






Please note that rope rescue training and training at height is dangerous.  For shorter training sessions, students will likely not achieve “certification” that meets a standard like NFPA 1006.


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