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All Hands Fire offers various levels of Rope Training in accordance with NFPA 1006.  We also offer customized training programs to meet the needs of a department based on experience levels, skill levels and budget constraints.

All Hands Fire offers two NFPA certification courses and also is a Petzl Technical Partner.


Rope Rescue Operations (40 Hour) NFPA 1006

Rope Rescue “Operations” level training introduces students to the basics of rope and rope construction including knots that are used for technical rescue.  Students will also receive training on various equipment used for high angle rescue including carabiners, descent control devices, webbing, anchor slings and required PPE including class 3 harnesses. Students will receive hands-on instruction that includes patient packaging in various types of rescue litters, raising and lowering operations of rescuers and patients from height in a high angle environment along with low angle evacuations, removals and rescue scenarios.  Students will be tasked with working as a team and given various rescue scenarios to work through.


Rope Rescue Technician (40 Hour) NFPA 1006

Rope Rescue “Technician” level training is the next step that builds on the Operations level training.  At the Technician level, students will be required to build rope systems in a high angle rescue environment that includes an “attendant” to be attached to the rescue load. The scenarios include an attendant riding with a rescue litter and patient, removal of victims who are stranded on structure, pick off of and rescue of victims stranded on rope in a rope access environment.  The Technician level course also introduces the student to ascending and descending a rope that is a basic skill in SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) and IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association).


Customized Training

Rope training programs can be customized to focus on specific skills, products and needs.  Some of these customized training programs include the use and operation of the Arizona Vortex and Tripods for below grade rescue and the use of Aerial Apparatus as an Artificial High Directional (AHD)


For information on classes offered, please email us at [email protected]


Please note that rope rescue training and training at height is dangerous.  For shorter training sessions, students will likely not complete all Job Performance Requirements (JPR’s) that are required by NFPA 1006 standards.


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