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Schedule your Water Rescue Training for Fall 2017

Fall is generally an advantageous time of year to schedule, participate in, and practice Water Rescue Training in New Jersey and its surrounding areas. The water levels are usually sufficient and dependable, while the weather remains cool and accommodating.

Many Fire, Police, and EMS agencies are responsible for water rescue in their communities. These skills are incredibly valuable during an emergency, and could prove to be vital in an urgent, potentially dangerous situation.

All Hands Fire not only offers Water Rescue Awareness, Operations and Technician level programs, but we also offer Boat Operations and Refresher training for all levels.

We recently held a Boat Operations class in Burlington County NJ (see photo) and water rescue classes earlier in 2017.

During July and August, we are prepping for the fall to deliver our variety of water rescue classes, including:

Our staff of experienced instructors are always enthusiastic and motivated to educate those who are interested in our very dynamic and aggressive programs.  Their method of coaching reinforces the essential skills, knowledge, and techniques that are necessary when it counts the most.

If your agency only has a few students, we can place them into classes with other customers.  We are very accommodating.


If you would like more information on our Water Rescue Training programs or would like to schedule a class, please contact us at [email protected].

We also offer a wide variety of Water Rescue Equipment and Gear and very competitive prices.

For discounts off Water Rescue Equipment, please contact [email protected].



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