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New CMC LEVR Escape Systems will soon be available

At FDIC 2018, CMC Rescue introduced their new escape system – the LEVR The LEVR is a firefighter escape system that can be used by firefighters should they become caught or trapped on an upper floor in untenable conditions. The LEVR has been designed for quick and easy deployment, as well as smooth horizontal movement …

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Fires in Sheds and Out Buildings

Reprint from FireOpsOnline.com – Snapshot Size-Up #127 Fires in Sheds and Out Buildings Fires that occur in sheds or similar types of out buildings pose a variety of threats to firefighters.  Mostly, it is the uncertainty of what is stored inside these structures. Ask a homeowner what’s inside their shed, and you may hear, “some …

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Encouraging the members will benefit the department long term

Think about it… We all start out in the fire service motivated and eager to progress.  We start out as “probies”.  As time goes on, we gain some experience and are given / earn more responsibility. For most, the natural instincts are to become something more.  This generally involves taking on more responsibility and earning …

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