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Camera Catches Firefighter Engulfed in Backdraft

Texarkana, AR:  Firefighters were engulfed in a sudden backdraft while operating on the 2000 block of Pearl Street.  The incident occured on July 8th in Taxarkana, Arkansas. Reports indicate that the firefighters were not hurt. Luckily, a mother and child escaped prior to the arrival of the fire department. The fire is under investigation.   …

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Firefighters learn how to use new escape system

Reprinted news story from StratfordStar.com Story by Greg Reilly on December 18, 2014 NOTE:  Training was provided by All Hands Fire Equipment & Training.  After receiving a federal grant of $75,000 last summer to acquire personal escape systems for firefighters who need to escape a fire through an upper-story window, Stratford Fire Department has the …

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