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Firefighters attend Mayday Survival Training

All Hands Fire Equipment & Training presented Firefighter Survival Training at their indoor Training Center in Neptune City, New Jersey on April 19, 20 and 22, 2017.

The sold out class was attended by firefighters from both Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Day #1 was a classroom session which covered Situational Awareness and actions a firefighter can take to prevent becoming trapped.  It also covered techniques for self-rescue, aggressive bailout maneuvers, and a strong focus on SCBA Air Management.

Day #2 had students participate in an Air Consumption Rate (ACR) drill.  For the ACR tests, the students were “on air” and performing several activities designed to increase their respiration rates as they would experience during actual firefighting activities. The ACR is a requirement in accordance with NFPA 1404 “Standard for Fire Service Respiratory Protection Training”. The drill makes members aware of just how much “working time” they actually have on a bottle before they are into their reserve air supply. This knowledge is critical for members to make prudent work vs exit decisions in order not to run out of air.

Day #3, the students participated in a full-day of hands-on skill stations and scenarios.  Students were confronted with various challenges which required them to utilize the skills that they learned. These skills included calling a “mayday, navigating entanglements, SCBA displacement, situational awareness, ladder bailouts, and more.

For more information or to schedule a training class, please contact Training@AllHandsFire.com.



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