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Camera Catches Firefighter Engulfed in Backdraft

Texarkana, AR:  Firefighters were engulfed in a sudden backdraft while operating on the 2000 block of Pearl Street.  The incident occured on July 8th in Taxarkana, Arkansas. Reports indicate that the firefighters were not hurt. Luckily, a mother and child escaped prior to the arrival of the fire department. The fire is under investigation.   …

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Water Rescue Training contract awarded to All Hands Fire

May 2015 All Hands Fire Equipment & Training was recently awarded a contract by the County of Union to provide Water Rescue training and Emergency Boat Operations training to firefighters and responders from that New Jersey county. The training includes all levels of swift water rescue – Awareness, Operations and Technician.  Students will attend classroom …

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Fires in Sheds and Out Buildings

Reprint from FireOpsOnline.com – Snapshot Size-Up #127 Fires in Sheds and Out Buildings Fires that occur in sheds or similar types of out buildings pose a variety of threats to firefighters.  Mostly, it is the uncertainty of what is stored inside these structures. Ask a homeowner what’s inside their shed, and you may hear, “some …

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Practice using the hitching slot on your Escape Systems Anchor

Firefighter Escape Systems anchor hooks have evolved since the introduction of the Crosby S-360 anchor hook.  Most hooks now come with “hitching slots” located on the spine. Most would agree that this is an improvement because in theory, a user can more easily do a “tie off” through the hitching slot as opposed to tying a …

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Volunteer Appreciation: How to keep our firefighters answering the call

Article published in April 2015 issue of NEW JERSEY FIRE Magazine (page 6) By Donald Colarusso New Jersey towns with volunteer fire departments have to battle more than fires these days. We work relentlessly to get women and men to volunteer for our fire departments. But once we get them in the firehouse, keeping them …

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RESPECT for Baltimore Fire Department

According to The Baltimore Sun, overnight from Monday April 27 to Tuesday April 28, there were 144 vehicle fires and 15 building fires.  This does not include other requests for the fire department for various calls for service. As was shown by media outlets, fire apparatus was pelted with bottles and bricks, and thugs even …

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Fresno CA Firefighter injured after falling through roof

A 25-year veteran firefighter with the Fresno Fire Department in California was critically injured after falling through the roof of a private dwelling that was on fire. VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/z4kJOXq_Qwk  The fire was reported on Cortland Avenue and Del Mar Avenue in central Fresno on Sunday, March 29, 2015 at approximately 1:30 PM. Fire Department spokesman …

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Water Rescue Boat Demonstration coming to Bedford, NH

The AB Inflatable Inflatable Water Rescue Boat with Aluminum Shallow “V” Hull is receiving an overwhelmingly high interest level from water rescue teams. This boat is versatile, durable and the perfect answer to many water rescue environments including urban, shallow water, open water and more. Several regional demonstrations have been held or are scheduled. A …

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Newark Recruit Firefighters receive Bailout Escape Training

Newark Fire Department’s “Probationary Firefighters” class received training of Firefighter Escape Systems.  The training was provided by All Hands Fire Equipment & Training, based out of central New Jersey. 41 recruit-firefighters received the training on Tuesday, January 6 at Newark Fire Department’s Orange Avenue training facility. The recruits attended a classroom session which introduced them …

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Firefighters learn how to use new escape system

Reprinted news story from StratfordStar.com Story by Greg Reilly on December 18, 2014 NOTE:  Training was provided by All Hands Fire Equipment & Training.  After receiving a federal grant of $75,000 last summer to acquire personal escape systems for firefighters who need to escape a fire through an upper-story window, Stratford Fire Department has the …

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